2 comments on “Adventures in ignorance, aka Queensland. Part one of many.

  1. Ye gods, how terrible that you were treated that way. You’ve only further convinced me to never, ever move to QLD.

    BTW, hi, I’m TG and I’m also autistic. Obviously not too many Aussie autistic bloggers out there, so I’m happy to find you. Oh… my partner is from nearby Blacktown. We get it.

    • You may or may not grok this after reading my original post, but so far as I am concerned, being autistic and being Australian (especially “Aussie”) are mutually exclusive states so far as I am concerned. They are literally the equivalent of being an Israeli citizen and being a Holocaust denier in my view. Of course, anyone is free to disagree, but with the constant “lucky country” blather and such, I simply have no idea how anyone can fail to see why I see it that way.

      And there is not a day that goes by when I do not wish I could go back in time and warn myself to not move out of Sydney. My male parent has a couple of siblings who live(d) in or around the Toongabbie area, with others living nearer to Blacktown or out along the Liverpool/Campbelltown line. Much as I am wary to even speak of my parental units and their families, I miss that area and I miss the community so badly it kills me inside at times.

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