One comment on “What we would have you do

  1. this chiefly stems from a lack of what might be named ‘neurotypical supply’, which resembles narcissistic supply in many ways. Unlike narcissistic supply, ‘neurotypical supply is both sent AND received by both parties. In this way both parties are Predators AND Prey during a given interaction. The chief issue with autists is our lack (relative or absolute) of the instinctual foundation which under girds most Normie social ‘operations’ – which means we are seen as Enemy. Enemies are lesser beings and Normies instinctually wish to destroy them – and hence, instinct is allowed free reign in accomplishing that ‘joy’. Instinct unchecked results in NO caring, and is better known as psychopathy – hence, Normies are better described by the phrase ‘lesser psychopaths’ if you’re a preferred target. One question, though – Powell? Not sure what it means – not familiar with the situation where you are. I tried to look it up but could not find anything…

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