4 comments on ““You killed your child but now it kills you”

  1. I hope whoever prosecutes Patricia Corby (or offers her a plea deal, which is sadly possible) thinks about the fact that she DROWNED a four-year-old child, who must have been strong enough to fight desperately for his life, at least for a few terrible moments. Think of the determination it took Patricia Corby to accomplish this. Or the rage. I hope to hell she is not allowed to spin this as an act of mercy.

    • I did not know these details when I wrote the above. In order to drown a living thing, one has to hold it down and ignore its struggles and pleas for one to stop. Which means that in order to drown a four year old boy, especially one who has at least half the same DNA as you do, one has to suffer from a terminal lack of compassion or Human decency. If anyone feels like flying me out to cut Patricia Corby’s throat in the absence of any real justice being done, just say the word as far as I am concerned.

  2. Wow, you verbalised my feeling sooooo much better than I could. Well done.

    ACA and Today Tonight have been all out this month with stories of the ZOMG-terrible-horrible “tragedy” of having an autistic child. (I know, typical fare for them, and I don’t watch but my parents always say, “Hey did you see it?”) Can’t help thinking it won’t be long before we see another Daniel Corby case here.

    • I think one thing that we can take comfort in is that most intelligent and responsible Australians (a declining minority outside of the cities, I know) see these stories and have their bullshit alarm go off to one degree or another. Advocates also tend to have a stronger voice in this country than is the case in the UK or USA. But I honestly believe that even one Daniel Corby case is too many, especially in a society that likes to constantly pat itself on the back and croon about how far it supposedly has come.

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