7 comments on “Speaking of shit films about nightmares…

    • I have a copy of the soundtrack album on my hard drive. The Iggy Pop song is much like any other Iggy Pop song of the era in that it deserved a much better film to go around it. Assuming that I ever got the story I am currently working on (it is a continuation of the one I posted in a previous entry, for those who are curious) finished and adapted into film, it would be the sort of film that this song deserved to be part of.

      If you study screenwriting at a university to any degree at all, you also end up meeting a lot of people who are far better at putting together a film than Rachel Talalay or Michael DeLuca. That is what motivates posts like this one. Hollywood is probably one of the few places in the world where the worst practitioners in a profession are also the most rewarded. But that could just be the fact that I am up at near to 0400 hours talking. 😉 Hehe.

      • Hahaha, I completely hear what you’re saying, I just find it fun and entertaining! I too have the soundtrack, I love the Iggy Pop song, and all the Goo Goo Dolls ones as well. The story you’re working on sounds neat, why haven’t you finished it?

        • One of my favourite pastimes is to go over things like they are a court case, as one can see in posts like these. Just looking at the film makes me really wonder what the hell happened during preproduction, especially as Talalay’s subsequent work has proven beyond a doubt that she should not have a job in Hollywood above waitress. 😉

          The story in question remains unfinished at this point largely because motivating myself to write, especially without a clear path to get publication, is very difficult. But the story has also had a very difficult gestation, too. Sometimes having an idea is not enough, sadly.

          • Ah, I see! That’s understandable!
            I don’t think Talalay is a bad director at all, especially considering she’s one of the few female directors of a horror film! It’s not Oscar-worthy, no, but still good in my book, lol!

            • Well, there’s one problem in Talalay’s case that bears some thinking about. Equality means taking equal responsibility for failures as well as receiving equal credit for successes. Whilst Talalay’s films occasionally manage to entertain, they are generally remarkably terrible. Young women who aspire to be directors should really look elsewhere for an idol or a representative.

              If you have not seen The Hidden, I would recommend checking it out. It is one of the few films that actually succeeds in making me retch. It was also directed by Jack Sholder, the director of Freddy’s Revenge. Although getting a creepy-looking performance out of Kyle MacLachlan is pretty easy, putting together as interesting a film as The Hidden is not. It makes a good contrast to the people who were responsible for much of the Nightmare On Elm Street flicks. *nod*

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