8 comments on “Well, two things I feel a need to speak about now

  1. Hi Dean, Thank you for writing about the puzzle piece problem. I would love to repost the puzzle related part of this post at http://unpuzzled.net/ and link back to the original. Please let me know if this is okay with you. Sorry, I did not see a contact form or email here, so I hope you don’t mind my asking you here in the comments.

    • I would be extremely happy for you to do that. The more people get to see the post, the better. More links and referrals going around is a good thing for all of us, at least as far as I am concerned.

        • Looking forward to it. For the record, I generally try to use my comment facility as a means to contact me, but if it is believed that I should add other means… well, let us just say I would appreciate some assistance in learning how to do that. I have never been good with these sites.

  2. [Sorry if this posts twice. WordPress did something odd when I tried to comment the first time.]

    In the four years that have passed since I posted that piece, my perspective has perhaps evolved some, if you want to call it that. My son had only been diagnosed earlier that year, so we’ve traveled a long way since then.

    My opinion about the puzzle piece hasn’t changed. For me personally as a parent, I don’t think it’s my role to contribute much toward a symbol that represents someone else. Perhaps we should just move on from symbols entirely. I don’t know. They serve a convenient purpose, but they also reduce richness and complexity into a visual bite (byte?) of information.

    I think of the kids in my son’s class, and I can’t imagine one anything describing all of them. They are each completely different and wonderful in their own right. I can’t conceive of how you’d conflate all of them into one symbol, and I really wonder whether we even should try. However, like I said, as a parent, that doesn’t seem like it should be my choice one way or the other.

    There’s a Möbius Loop symbol someone put out there as a possibility that I thought was pretty cool, and certain fractals might be good, but like I said, it’s not about me.

    PS – I love TRON.

    • Fear not. Unfamiliar systems always have a way of catching us out, and WordPress’ comments system is no exception. I will keep this one up and trash the other so that there’s comprehensiveness as well as conciseness. Or something. :\

      I think I read the post in question late last year or early this year. I do know it was before I acquired the computer I am presently writing on. It was the first of many journals I read on that and related subjects that finally tipped me towards writing this one. Although writing and writing and writing and not feeling heard is very demoralising, so too is trying to speak to people in person and basically being ignored. At least when one obnoxiously screams things online, people respond in a fashion. But wow… four years… time flies when you are not having fun. Haha.

      My view of the puzzle piece derives largely from what I have been told about various other symbols associated with peoples and their causes. The aborigines of Australia, for instance, have a flag that is divided into three colours that I was told represent the sun, the land, and the people. I am unsure who designed the flag, but I think it shows a very tiny insight into how that people see themselves. That is what I think people like Autism Speaks fail to understand. A puzzle piece does not have anything to do with how I see me. And I am going to write further on this subject now (in other words, thank you for giving me an idea for my next piece).

      That also brings me to your next point. I do not believe conflating all of the autistic, whether they be children, adolescent, or adult, into the one symbol is really a goal we should have. Or even think of. What we need is a symbol that positively symbolises the fact of being different to the expected norm. My TRON-aesthetic design concept is going to need some fine-tuning to really capture this, but the idea is to capture some of the ISOs’ uniqueness. Again, this probably should be written about in more depth.

      Without having seen the Möbius Loop symbol, I cannot comment on it, but one thing worth remembering is that sometimes the best ideas come from complete outsiders. Nicholas Meyer had not seen an episode of Star Trek before making The Wrath Of Khan, for example. But obviously, the outsider that is going to come up with the best design in this case is going to need to at least understand the cause.

      Sometime soon I intend to watch both films in one sitting again. *nods*

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  4. I use a red (life, passion, murdered members martyrdom, Red Instead)
    spiral (soul/mind’s journey of experience delving within and expanding out)
    overlaid with a Golden Au – with or without circumflexes, for our name and our value.

    It was the British National Autism Society who began the puzzlepiece shitpile,
    but they readily abandoned it as their symbol when they listened for a few seconds.

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