2 comments on “Making things pay for themselves without subverting them?

    • Tristan, thank you for the acknowledgement. It is always satisfying when I write about another person’s commentary on the state of our world and the original author acknowledges that they have heard what I had to say about their work.

      Regarding I Killed The Internet, I actually read it a few days after I posted the post above. I was rereading Indies: Apple Hates You for the many-dozenth time, and saw a link there that looked interesting to me. I have not commented on or shown anyone within my own limited circle I Killed The Internet as yet because unlike Indies: Apple Hates You, I have not read it enough times and digested it enough to really be able to form an informed opinion of it as yet.

      One thing I would offer in comment of that article as I presently understand it, though, is that we are in something of a transitional phase. Unlike the manufacturing and production side of the transition from standard definition to high definition, however, our transition from passive consumption of media to active shaping of media (as Jello Biafra puts it, don’t hate the media, become the media) is still very much in progress. It is going to be in progress for a while to come. Even the kids making their way through university these days still come from a culture where they were taught to passively consume media rather than make their own media, and the manner in which we work with the Internet reflects this.

      So in closing, I want to thank you for another idea you have helped put the seed of into my head. Watch this space for something concerning what I believe needs to change before we truly have a media shaped by the people as opposed to the transitional media we have at present.

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