One comment on “Revisiting the classics: Faith No More – Angel Dust

  1. I distinctly remember the day Angel Dust was released.

    On June 8 of 1992 I was fifteen. I lived in Phoenix, AZ, with my mother and stepfather, sisters and stepbrother. I had my first job bussing tables at a Chinese restaurant. I was a nerd who was gradually turning into a rock music weirdo, and still a virgin.

    I had gradually acquired a taste for Faith No More’s The Real Thing. Initially, I detested “Epic” and dismissed the band as simply annoying. Then I heard “Falling to Pieces” and my ears pricked up a bit. Then my (real) dad bought a copy of the CD while I was visiting because he was a huge Black Sabbath fan as wanted to hear their cover of “War Pigs”. That was the track that did it for me. They took a song I had grown up living and actually did it better. Way better. I was a drummer at the time, so yeah, say the fuck better.

    Cut forward to June 8. I actually had no idea that a new FNM record was coming, but when I saw it on New Release Day at the Record Shop of the Westridge Mall (aka my second home), it went into my personal history book as the First Album I Ever Bought Without Hearing A Single Note Of It.

    Needless to say, upon first listen (with headphones) I was in a fugue state from the opening crash of “Land of Sunshine” and stayed that way until “Midnight Cowboy” had faded into the sunset taking a huge portion of my nerdy innocence with it.

    I didn’t take that disc out of the Discman for weeks. Midway through that summer my family got the got idea to pack up and leave Phoenix for a middle-of-nowhere spec on the map of Colorado called Guffey. I spent the next two years of my life angry, confused, bitter, and Angel Dust simultaneously fueled and assuaged this.

    I still listen to it front to back more often than anything else that came out of the 90s.

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