4 comments on “Vorya Yarow’s letter to the so-called Autism Advisory Task Force

  1. yours is good fertile crap! let me add to it (re: Open Letter to Autism Advisory Task Force)

    thank you for clarifying – “have been scientifically validated and have demonstrated clinical efficacy” – for the crap it is!

    “grind my teeth by being very much all about the children” – VERY GOOD! – as you say yourself – “we know for a fact (in the real sense, not curebie sense) that the degree to which an autistic individual copes and thrives in adult life is reflective of how they were treated as children”.
    Why do you think you grind?

    Mutants? – of course; like Moses.

    Autism Advocacy Task Force – that was a name given to them by ASAN (Autism Self Advocacy Network). I wonder why, because it is listed as Autism Advisory Task Force on their own site. I wonder how it happened? was it – collaboration – infiltration – or a consenting mistake? I’m afraid it is a sum of it, which adds to cowardice. Made me grind my teath.

    “Presently, we are a bunch of disparate individuals who cannot even organise into a unit to organise the noise we make”.

    You stand with me “on behalf of these children”, and I will stand with YOU on behalf of adults. And we’ll get to beyond noise.

    = http://www.abwfoundation.org/letters-to-autistic-people/first-i-wanted/ – it is my 2nd letter to Autistic people. I don’t know your e-mail. signing for yours.

    Vorya Yarow,
    At Your Service

    • There are a wealth of sites on the web about the fallacy that the curebies are using with statements like “scientifically validated” and “demonstrated clinical efficacy”. Such sites list them as an “appeal to authority”. They are listed as such because the arguer is trying to substitute the authority of a person for actual evidence or investigation. I think the curebies might have figured that part out, because the yap about “demonstrated clinical efficacy” is a new one. But yeah, I am going over things I already wrote in the entry again. I sometimes lapse and do that. :\

      To be honest, I have ground my teeth since I was very young. I grind them and clench my jaw a lot. But trips to the dentist and finally losing my cool and screaming at them to stop hurting me… well, I think that is a big factor in why I still do it.

      :O Seriously? The Autism Self Advocacy Network calls them that? That pretty much ends my faith in the ASAN. Maybe in future I will write something about how we need to do away with organisations like the ASAN right on the spot if they do things like that. I mean, it is one thing to call people who are coming from a position of genuine ignorance advocates, but to call them that when they know they advocating for what the autistic populace does not want…

      I believe that I have, and always will, try to speak up on behalf of autistic individuals everywhere. Regardless of their age. I do have to qualify it by telling people “this is the kind of person I am and this is why”, but that is an improvement upon being entirely focused on a singular subgroup, in my opinion. But this is not meant as a flip-off or anything. I simply say it because I believe that if we all got together, sat down, and worked out how to work as a collective, we could really go far.

      I generally try to keep my email addresses, all of them, known only to people I have a need to communicate by such means with. For reasons beyond my ability to understand, most of the sites that detail the economic costs of unsolicited bulk email have disappeared. But signing on my behalf would probably be best accompanied by links either to the main page of this journal or an article therein that is about the subject of whatever is being signed. 😀 But we will have to wait and see…

  2. Patience is a virtue.

    It would make four of us, if you add your name to a symbolic petition regarding this matter: http://www.abwfoundation.org/act-now/aatf-petition-list/

    So far we are 3. I’m forwarding to you mail I’ve sent to Jason Ross, cc. Emily Titon. Since I don’t have your email I’m sending it In this fashion – below).

    Also today (May 27) I’ll be sending two more letters to AC – you can find the content of these letters (but not the recipient names) at this link (http://www.abwfoundation.org/letters-to-autistic-people/)…

    …and,,, let’s give ASAN a chance…

    Vorya Yarow

    To: jasonross18@gmail.com
    CC: asanrhodeisland@gmail.com
    Subject: RE: Greetings – DMC Contact
    Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 23:14:02 -0400

    Hi Jason,

    It is here – http://www.abwfoundation.org/act-now/aatf-petition-list/ – You would do it by adding your name in a Comment field.

    This would make three of us, and three is a great company (as Old King used to say *).


    PS. Copying Emily

    * …Three is the best company for me, he said. But 4, is fine as well when in need – like us. Two is a bit lonely, but how great it is to have each other in a strange world. Yes 4, especially when one is a woman, is perfect company in the time of need. And well, I’d rather be by myself than with a crowd of people…

    • I very heavily dispute that. For far too long, I was stuck in a place where the entire populace was practically urinating patience, and it was infuriating. Hmmm… maybe that is a topic for a later date. At what point does a virtue turn into a parasite or disease? Haha.

      I am still having immense difficulties managing my workload, but we will see what happens shortly. I tend to have the same view of online petitions as Maddox (generally that nobody in the decision-making game cares about them). But we will see.

      I will follow the link and and let you know.

      Unfortunately, it would take a reversal of a FEMA-like nature and proportion to make me even think about giving ASAN the time of day. I have given so many people so many chances over the years that really, I see giving people a chance that they have failed to justify as an invitation to trouble.

      Just, for the time being, I need to collect myself and sort of deal with a bad case of fatigue. I will get around to everything eventually.

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