2 comments on “An open letter to Playboy magazine (a first-draft effort)

  1. I just read an excerpt from the introduction to one of Jenny McCarthy’s books, wriiten by an “alternative medical practitioner,” Dr. Jerry Kartzinel. Kartzinel opines that “Autism … steals the soul from a child…” Absolutely disgusting!

    • I think I will edit my pages on this site to include a link to Quackwatch, one of my favourite sites about so-called alternative medicine. Because so-called alternative medicine is really about a form of Newspeak. What Quackwatch’s author has to say about the distinctions between accepted medicine, actual alternatives, and quackery, is really quite good at putting it in perspective. But also worthy of note is that “alternative medical practitioners” tend to support “medicine” that, as the author of Quackwatch puts it, lack a plausible rationale.

      The name Kartzinel sounds Jewish to me. That opens up a rebuttal in my mind. But I will keep that on file until I know more about this asshole.

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