2 comments on “So, the lustre has dulled…

  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep reading after you said the government of South Africa makes the KKK look more credible. There is a hell of a lot of crime in SA but white people are not the only victims, they are the victims that people hear about. Black africans are the ones who are starving and dieing of preventable or curable diseases. It is a relativly new democracy with a lot of problems but how many of those social problems were caused by apartied??? Most of them. I didn’t think you were racist just complaing about Tara, but your stupid remarks really make me angry and sad. I do think you are rasict because it is the most absurd thing to say. Anyone who knows anything about SA, Mandela and the anit-apartheid movement will agree with me. You should think before you write something so stupid

    • This is what I actually wrote: “I wonder if the powers that presently be in South Africa even care that by making their country one of the few places in the world where white people can meet the definition of a social minority as set by the UN, they make people like the Ku Klux Klan look (marginally) more credible.”

      If you want to make a statement or point, you would do well to quote people properly. The Ku Klux Klan often recruits people into its ranks by proclaiming to them that white people are being persecuted by the legal system. By proclaiming that by stripping white people of undue privilege, the Federal government is somehow persecuting white people. In South Africa, political candidates do campaign runs where they march to songs with titles that literally translate as Kill The White Farmer. And really, where do you get off calling South Africa a “relativly [sic] new democracy” or proclaiming that most of the problems were caused by Apartheid? Apartheid was put to bed in 1994, around twenty-eight years ago now, and the country has been ruled by a black political party ever since. But the thing that the newspapers often do not want to tell you is that it has been ruled by one black political party since then. Namely, the ANC. And what happens when a single party is granted a monopoly on power? They generally act like thugs, live it up at the expense of others, and in many cases pick out a group to persecute in order to divert attention away from their own inhumanity. That it happens to be white South Africans in this case is hardly surprising, but far from justified in the majority of cases. Any dreams of reconciliation pretty much died when Nelson Mandela left the Presidency.

      But do not take my word for it. Here is a view of life in South Africa from someone who actually lives there.

      I am, of course, fairly certain that I did link to this author’s LiveJournal previously in order to provide examples of how corrupt and racist South Africa is. And of course, impoverished black people do not benefit to nearly the same extent as rich ones, but the constant cries of “it’s all the white guy’s fault, let’s go out and kill white guys en masse” is beyond contemptible. As is your apparent inability to read and process the whole sentence before assigning it a meaning. Such makes you exactly the kind of reader I do not want.

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