2 comments on “Another look at something someone else wrote

  1. To pick a nit: the author of Radical Neurodivergence Speaking is female; the “K” is for Kassiane.

    I am also a fan of her writing, and I’m glad you’ve discovered it, too, because I had also thought, on reading some of your posts, that your writing kind of reminded me of hers. You both deal with themes of abuse of non-neurotypical children, and you both write with a righteous anger that grows out of your own experiences with such abuse.

    I’m glad you know about her because I would want you to know you’re not the only voice crying into the wilderness about this stuff.

    • I see. I have read perhaps a dozen or so of her posts over the last couple of months, all of which have made me gasp and think “woah, I thought I was bad”. The manner in which she writes her posts does not make it very easy to guess. In fact some of what she has written put images into my head of a twenty-something male who likes abseiling and other “survival” pursuits.

      Much of my writing has been inspired by a feeling of combined horror and relief at knowing that I am not the only one who has found himself in this kind of situation. In fact, much of what prompted me to even start this journal was reading some of Lydia Brown’s work and thinking “yes! finally! I am not the only one who objects to separationism!”. If I can pass that reaction on to others, to pay it forward as it were, then I feel better.

      Kassiane is also a good example of why, my objections to one aspect aside, the Autism Blogs Directory is an excellent idea. One of the most disheartening aspects of my experience of self-advocacy nearly a decade ago is that we were all huddled into little pockets in the dark, often not knowing about each other. And if we fell in with a pocket that did not suit our purposes, as I did, we were basically stuck. Now, we are somewhat able to pick and choose which pockets we make ourselves a part of.

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