2 comments on “So I have been thinking… what IS accessibility?

  1. Sookie Stackhouse a dumb blonde?! I have never even SEEN an episode of True Blood yet I know how wrong that assessment is. O_O

    Speaking of inaccessible people, I am reminded of the trouble I had getting my phone company to set up an appointment to install DSL for internet access. I went through a long loop of giving information to people who spoke poor English, being put on hold, being connected to *more* people who spoke poor English and doing the same thing over and over. By some miracle I finally got through to someone who could actually help me. *sigh*

    • Exactly. In fact that was pretty much the first clue I had that the person I am talking about is not qualified to work with autistic individuals. I mean, sure, some people might need to read the novels by Charlaine Harris to work out why Sookie is not doing the “look how normie I am” act, but Jesus…

      Hence my statement that the individual in question is projecting. Intelligent people do not need me to explain to them that calling me “…with autism” is just not on more than once.

      In situations where you have people who cannot speak English well enough for you to understand them, it is always an idea to say “look, I cannot understand a word you are saying, please put me through to your supervisor”. As soon as someone who might potentially walk away with business in tow says “supervisor”, it is like something goes off in their head and their self-preservation instinct kicks in.

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