6 comments on “Musing about home video again: The Alien Anthology BD set.

  1. I’m glad you cite Brad Dourif’s as one of the better performances in Alien Resurrection; when you dared your readers to think of one memorable character from either Alien 3 or Alien Resurrection, he immediately came to mind! I had to Google to get his character’s name (Dr. Gediman), but the performance is fascinatingly repellent. Dourif has played a lot of odd men, but that’s because he does it well.

    I agree about Winona Ryder’s lightweight screen presence in AR. In the words critic Owen Gleiberman used regarding her work in Bram Stoker’s Dracula: “Winona Ryder acts with her usual nicey-nice girlishness.”

    In other news, I will have you know that I own the boxed DVD set of all four Alien films; over here it is called the Alien Quadrilogy. :p

    • Indeed, Brad Dourif and Ron Perlman have the distinction of being the only two actors from Alien Resurrection that I consistently remembered between when I first saw the film and the first time I loaded up the BD early last year. Pretty pathetic when you consider that there’s at least two dozen other actors in the film, and Michael Wincott happens to be one of them.

      Dourif was in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, apparently.

      Winona Ryder’s presence in pretty many any film is pretty lightweight. However, in Black Swan, she finally breaks out of that and manages to come across as how ugly inside and miserable her character requires. Which is just as well, given that she is playing a washed-up has-been ballerina who is meeting her end over having been discarded by the director of the company.

      Summer and I both would like to inform you that until you have seen all four films with high definition video and lossless audio, you have not really seen them at all. 😛

      • Heh heh, well, I need to buy new equipment and that will have to wait. I’m glad Winona broke out of her old mold, some actors do manage that with maturity and the right opportunity. Yes, Dourif was indeed in Cuckoo’s Nest, he’s been around for a long time.

        I meant to mention that I, too, am a big fan of James Horner’s score for Aliens (and proud that we share Austrian ancestry)! And Vasquez kicked ass right till her last breath! Remember the scene in which the Marines break into the medlab to rescue Ripley and Newt from the facehuggers? She and Hudson each kill one facehugger, but she does it quickly and cleanly, using about one-fourth the amount of ammo that Hudson uses. 😀

        • Well, if I ever buy myself a new TV and receiver, Summer and I will teleport over with the ones I currently use. That is, assuming that the TV comes back in something approximating useable condition. *sigh*

          I think the character in Black Swan was pretty easy for Winona, because several attempts were made to revive her career as it began sinking under the weight of her goody-girl image. I bet it is hard for her to not feel at least a little bitter inside. Kind of like how I am sure Brad Dourif began to feel after Child’s Play fifty-thousand was calling for his services. 😉

          In filmmaking, a good filmmaker will use every scene that features a character to tell the audience something about said character. In Hudson’s case, I think the character was in the Corps because of less than “noble” reasons, like it was the only way he could get work or make enough money to pay certain bills. Kind of like how I would be if my medical status was not 4-F. Vasquez, on the other hand, seems to be there because she wants to meet exotic creatures from faraway realms, and kill them. Remember how when the Marines break the safety-mode stance they have been ordered to follow lest they cause the nuclear reactor to detonate, it is mainly on her initiative?

          • Yes, I do remember that, she hid some ammo when ammo was being collected, and initiated the firefight with a shout of “LET’S ROCK!!!!” 😀

            • I actually prefer the moment when the Lieutenant first issues the directive that they cannot have any firing in there. I mean, irrespective of the conditions in the location, sending in a couple of dozen keen-to-kill warriors with orders to not shoot anything…

              “Is he fukking crazy?”

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