2 comments on “Prometheus. Is it everything we had hoped for? Well…

  1. Me again … Well, my brother and I saw Prometheus last night. He found it to be disjointed and kind of a mess. His comment at one point was “This movie can’t decide what it wants to be.” I loved the parts, except for the really gruesome stuff, and my take on it as a whole is “It’s a lot to process.” Will keep posting as I think of things. I do admire Shaw though, she just keeps on going and going. Kind of a Ripley-esque survival instinct. 😀

    • I can definitely understand his reaction. I think he is doing what a lot of the untrained (in fiction writing and composition I mean) do, and letting his impressions of the second half dictate his view of the whole product. Which, again, is understandable. That is also why I believe a Ridley Scott director’s cut is not too far off. I sense a definite clash between director and producer behind the second half of the film.

      Unfortunately, the surgery scene is an example of where the producers seem to have gotten too carried away with wanting another Ripley. My mother has had at least one Caesarian delivery, and my sister has had two now if memory serves. The former was very much in agreement with me when I said that I could not imagine anyone, man or woman, doing the things Shaw does in the latter half of the film, after invasive surgery in such an area.

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