2 comments on “World changes, but we do not

  1. Well, I now have a little more insight into the mindset of those elderly people who write cranky rambling letters-to-the-editor about how much better everything was back in the olden days when children played outdoors with sticks and leaves and everybody listened to the radio on Sundays. I am a big fan of medical advances and discoveries, and I always want to point out to these old cranks that a lot of them, a lot of their children and a lot of their grandchildren are alive today because of some of the changes in the world. I feel like asking them, “What are you nostalgic for … POLIO?!” I guess even good change can be traumatizing as you say. I sometimes picture a future in which the daily shower will seem as quaint and inadequate as the weekly bath does to us today, a future in which the younger people will clean themselves daily in some sort of microwave device and complain about those dirty old people who think soap and water are enough. I’ll be screwed. 😛

    • Probably the biggest advance in terms of public health and life-expansion has been sanitation. In the Spain of Colombus’ day, there were pits out by the road that were literally brimming with shit. That joke in Blackadder II where prospective buyers when the titular character is selling his house ask “you crap out the window?” is based on historical fact, like most of the material in that series.

      The grandparents I did have any real extensive contact with, the ones on my mother’s side, are a bit different from the usual. The one who still lives recognises that things like being able to send messages around the world in seconds with a few clicks is a drastic improvement on what we had in the past. But actually getting her to take advantage of that is not going to happen. Given that she is slightly older or younger (I forget which) than the film called Metropolis, I am unsurprised.

      The thing with all inventions, however, is whether they yield more efficient or better results than what they are trying to replace. The likelihood of a microwave device replacing soap (which is extremely cheap to make and has no real maintenance costs, remember) is very, very small.

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