14 comments on “Yes, I am really fukking angry. Your point is…?

    • What a piece of shit you are Voldie. Seriously, comments like this make me not want to live on this planet anymore.

      • Amen to that. But I would urge you to reconsider the not wanting to live on this planet anymore part, now that I think about it a bit. For one, think of how much brighter and better our world would be if we could round up all of Voldie’s ilk and “politely” ask them to vacate any part of our world where we have to even hear from them. 😀 😉

        And secondly, living on this planet just to spite them works for me, too. 😉 You see, this kind of person finds it very difficult to deal with the fact that they have to share a world with people who look or think different to them. 😀

  1. Ah, yes. Good point. Plus the whole lack of oxygen and all that other stuff that’s required for living and all. How dare we think differently?! Oh, yeah. Not everyone is a complete and total douchecanoe…

      • Is there some form of setting that you changed since your previous visit? To be honest, I am still trying to suss out the workings of a lot of things to do with WordPress and online journal sites in general. It certainly is a lot different compared to a few years ago.

        • Yeah, I was on my Ipad, then switched to my computer. Ah, I see what I did. Never mind me, I’m just an idiot.

          • No, do not worry. You are not an idiot so far as I am aware now. You have not presented that much evidence of it as yet. I frequently have problems like that myself. I regularly switch between the new desktop computer I have described elsewhere and an increasingly worrisome laptop that is now nearing three years old. You can tell when I am using the latter to write a post because it will say in one corner that the post is written in Qumana. 😉 Unfortunately, the specs and OS of the laptop mean that using the same program on both is not possible. 😦

    • Well, perhaps if the species continues to exist for another few thousand years in spite of people like the one I decided to allow into public viewing just to give a good bash with the facts stick, we will be able to travel to other habitable planets. But I have grave doubts about our ability as a species to last that long. But at least they do provide me with a lot of backup for when I tell people that ignorance is only bliss for ignorant people. 🙂

      • Lol @ facts stick. Some of the idiots I see and hear about make me doubt that our species will survive much longer as well. Ever heard of the Darwin Awards? Yeah, it’s scary to see how stupid some people are.

        • I have read a few of the published books of the Darwin Awards before. But I preferred some of the stories when they were published on a website called Death By Misadventure and were headed by sarcastic headlines. One story in which a sixteen year old boy is said to have put his head out of a window to talk to a girl from his school that he was really into and then died as a result of hitting his head on a pole on the side of the road was headlined “Some People Should Wear Helmets All The Time”. 😀

          Unfortunately, if the overpopulation problem becomes bad enough for the stupid to start disappearing in vast numbers, everyone will be getting it in the neck by that stage.

  2. Yeah, I’ve never thought anger like yours should disqualify people from talking about the things that make them angry. If anything, your anger — and the life you’ve lived that’s made you so angry — means that we should be listening to you, to make sure we (I say “we,” I mean all people, as I am not neurotypical and will not be a parent) don’t end up hurting our own kids the way you were hurt when you were little.

    • One of the songs I have referenced recently in my writings, the Elton John song Passengers, comes to mind whenever I think back on this whole concept. The whole “we wanna get on!” bit is exactly what the autistic community ought to be saying to the rest of the world. They have had their turn at keeping the world whatever-only. Probably my mother would really get a kick out of my writings if she dared to read them. *laugh*

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