8 comments on “Posting some fiction, issue two-point-one: Kronisk’s Mirror

  1. I love the bears, the bears’ school, and the detail about one of them sitting down in an indentation in the floor (which is how the seat was designed). All the names and dialects were hard for me to keep sorted, though I have had that kind of problem all my reading life. These characters certainly are multilingual, which I admire. 😀

    • Indeed. When I was writing other stories at an earlier phase in my life, much of what I wrote concerned itself with the architecture of places that a character found themselves in. I have restrained that a bit now to the things that the characters interact with, but it does help a bit with clarifying things about the functions of the school. 🙂

      I also have some trouble at times with keeping the names of characters clear and well-defined. Obviously, I need to have a few characters in order to make the story work. 😀 And having lots of different racial groups interacting freely certainly helps a lot! 🙂

      • I love it that Married … With Children is taken seriously as sociological study material in this world. 😀

        • *giggles* Only in the sense that it is taken as an example of why the redistribution of wealth from poor/middle to rich is a very bad thing. 😉 That, of course, is all Kronisk’s doing.

          Oh, and I imply that in stories like these to piss my mother off a bit. 😉

  2. Clearly I am a cultural illiterate because when I saw the reference to “the Bundy clan” my mind immediately leapt to Ted Bundy. I have no idea what his family was like, but something must’ve been very wrong there …

    (Without your picture and its helpful hovertext, I would totally not have gotten that reference. Similarly, most of the songs I cannot identify. I LOVE “Sledgehammer,” though, and am pleased that it apparently survived the total devastation of the Earth. I am younger than you, but not by a whole lot. I’ve been in a romantic relationship with someone who is about your age, and I can say there is something of a “generation gap” between someone like you, who is a Child of the ’80s, and someone like me, who was born when the ’80s were halfway over and is thus more a Child of the ’90s.)

    • *laugh* Well, sometimes I like to throw things into the mix to see where the reader’s mind will take them rather than simply spell it out. But I do understand if the reference is a little obscure. I was hoping that the description of Al telling the woman on the beach that she was asking an awful lot of the sun might be enough to make it totally clear, at least to people who are old enough to have seen the show. If I do publish this piece elsewhere, I will keep this point in mind.

      The songs were also referenced in a deliberately obscure manner for a couple of reasons. The foremost one being copyright. The next reason down is because I enjoy describing things rather than just being completely leading. For instance, during one scene I wrote about myself and the woman upon whom Himalataiel is based, I described them playing Station To Station for an audience by stating how the vocalist was singing about how it was not the side effects of the cocaine, it really must be love. The real Himalataiel just shook her head and told me I was an asshole when she read it years ago. Lastly, although it is not totally clear so far in any of my writings, both Kronisk and Linula base their powers in psychology and the imagery others picture. So they both practice by using song, story, or film to see which notes, words, or pictures will get what effects from observers. This, clearly, is a difficult thing to make work in a piece of fiction. But I am trying. 😀

  3. Other than that, though, it’s quite good! Definitely makes me want to learn more about all these different cultures, and I think you’ve done a really good job capturing how sentient bears would move.

    I also assumed the black liquid was going to be petroleum, but obviously it’s not … petroleum doesn’t melt living things.

    • When I originally started writing these stories, I was as keen to mustard to write *the* definitive story about the Dwarrow and what made them the most awesome people to ever populate a fantasy world. I have sort of neglected that in more recent stories. But perhaps soon more of the relationship between Ursidae and Dwarrow will be explored. The two creatures relate more than is the case with any other Humanoid – other animal pairing.

      The black liquid in Prometheus is something I have been wondering about for a long time. It is one of the most masterful touches in the film, in fact. Although the scientists conclude that the planet is a biological warfare storage facility, that still leaves me wondering whether the liquid is deliberately engineered, an accident, or some sort of natural element on another world. I love it when a film leaves me with a few questions.

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