12 comments on “A dozen things that a Powell type autistic adult wishes you grokked

      • It’s easy. Do you want to talk with other autistics? If you do find the andrew kilroy with this picture on facebook and send me a private message. Or I can reach you another way. We need to join up if we are ever going to face down Autism Speaks.

          • Of course. I do not mean for friendship. I mean so that we can act in concert and help to further our goals of acceptance and a future. The more, the better.

            • What I am trying to say is that I am feeling fairly excluded from the dialogue in discussions among the autistic community as a general rule, and suspect that I always will. The Radical Neurodivergence Speaking journal has a few good pointers about that problem. One of which is that we need to stop promoting passivity as a virtue.

              • Always agreed with that statement. Furthermore we need to engage on more and regular dialogue with autistics, a close organisation in order that our voice spreads quicker and we get the upper hand.

                So mind if we make friends or make contact somewhere?

              • At the moment, my journal is the best place to really speak with me. I am suffering very serious problems with my health, including a persistent cough that I believe I am going to be told at any time is cancer. I have not got the energy or will to be going places and talking to multiple heads.

  1. Just got home and reading where I left off – Kronisk’s mirror and up to this. Felt like saying something at this point.
    OK. Nothing will come to us without a fight! Kronisk likes to handle this the way he handles it, so I address it here – I like what you both say. We can (if Kronisk lets us) communicate through this portal regarding what can be done to this effect. I know of no-one who can handle as much as he at this stage of our fight. Send people here, Kilroy.

    Re. Kronisk’s Mirror. I liked your story, all except the scene in a school – was too much of NT school in it for me. But otherwise it’s real and true. Yet I want to know where is that mirror and how it works? Mine works only in the darkest night.

    Vorya Yarow,
    At your service

    • The portal is more a means of transport, not of communication. I have not really even addressed it in the writings that are available on this site, but the portal opens into what Kronisk repeatedly refers to as the “WunderWerck”. Which, apart from being borrowed without shame from the title of an Unholy song, is the German word for “miracle” (pronounced “vunder-verck”).

      Also worth noting here is that if the Kronisk of my stories were brought to us to fight the good fight, six billion people would disappear from this planet in a matter of days.

      The schools in the Ursine village might resemble the schools here to the untrained eye, but there are some important differences. Smaller class size is one very significant difference. Another is that the teachers in the first six years of schooling are trained very extensively to deal with learning difficulties and children who have unusual neurological configurations. The reason that there are interactive talks between people like Kronisk, Corrigwen, Minílwen, and the children, is because children learn more when they are participating in the process, as opposed to just being told to passively eat up this or that information.

      But I might go into further detail about the school at another time. Every story is a case of so much to do, and so little space in which to do it.

  2. We need to transport ourselves in order to communicate, in one form or the other – I do. The portal allows that and more…
    Six billion people is the right count; not overnight, but a few generations of just 1 child would get us there.

    And Kilroy, if you are reading, to go into the fight together requires trust, and Dean doesn’t have trust in anybody on this side of the mirror, maybe not even himself. And I can’t blame him. Neither am I, but I’m willing to risk that for a Cause. You have to prove your worth first.

    So right now I wouldn’t give Dean a sword, and he knows it himself (inside there he rather not to slaughter 6 billion people), but I would ask him to write, as he does. And maybe listen to what you want to say, when you have something to say, and then let others know how it goes with him.

    So what is the Kronisk’s Mirror? A Portal to You?

    Vorya Yarow
    At your service

    • Well, it depends on the kind of communication. Effective communication on my part is not so much about where I am, but rather what is going on with me in an internal sense.

      And last year, whilst I was visiting my sister and meeting my nieces for the first times, I found a newspaper on their lawn with a headline stating the seven billionth had been born during the night prior to that newspaper’s date. That was more than six months ago now, so we are probably already up to seven-point-one. The sudden disappearance of six billion or even six and a half billion would have catastrophic economic consequences in the short term, but once the dust cleared from that, everyone left would experience a new Golden Age.

      The title is deliberately left open. But there is a point in the story where one of the possible meanings can be inferred.

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