4 comments on “Diabetes, cancer, autism. They are all different. A look at why…

  1. Thank you for this post–it really makes the case that the comparison is absurd and meant to fearmonger, when the reality is that diabetes, cancer, and HIV are far worse than autism ever could be.

    • I am reminded of signs held up by black men protesting the Vietnam war that proclaimed that the VC never called them “nigger”. Maybe protests incorporating signs like “autism is not going to make me blind” or “autism is not going to turn my feet black” (to name two pertinent examples from diabetes) would work. 😉

      Worth noting, though, is that “better” or “worse” is pretty much not an issue here. There is not even a similarity in any sense. It is like comparing the alcohol in beer with napalm, in my view. *nods*

  2. I agree, this is a really useful post. Gets the point across quite nicely, although, as with a lot of your posts, I wish you hadn’t had the experiences that inform it.

    (Also, I completely share your annoyance at people flinging around ludicrous elimination diets as the cure for all ills! I don’t know if you have been to my blog yet, but I have a degree in biochemistry, and one of the things I’ve had a class in is human metabolism! Yes, an entire class in that. Well, not always specific to humans — a lot of enzyme cascades are shared across lots of different taxa, and there was one pathway we studied that was specific to plants, and rather awesome: it allowed them to convert fatty acids into carbohydrates. Wouldn’t *that* be handy? Anyway, one thing this educational background has done is to make me go into sputtery fits of “no, that’s wrong, that’s all wrong” whenever I hear some stupid misrepresentation of how the human body works. Which is frequently.)

    • A lot of the experiences that the posts are based on tend to be somewhat distorted and stretched by time and personal reflection, but I am reminded of a quote by Ozzy Osbourne during one of those godawful shows he is in. He has done some things he is not proud of, he says, but it could be worse. He could be Sting. Ouch. Haha. The way I look at it, if I ever do luck out and wind up with a small fortune to use to equalise the media towards the autistic in some manner, at least I will know why I want to do that in the first place.

      I am often amazed at how ignorant some people can be. I mean, the things that I do know, whilst obviously nowhere near in-depth on this subject as your knowledge, I had to learn. When one wakes up one morning unable to move anything below their neck and is desperately trying to scream at people to stop trying to spoon sugar into his mouth and just call an ambulance already, one tends to want to ask about why. When I finally got my chance, the answer I got back about the Human brain’s dependence on a constant stream of glucose made my day. Not because it made me feel better about what happened, but because I then knew something really important. The number of people I have shared that tidbit with who still do not get it… maybe first-hand experience is vital for some people to learn the lesson… :\

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