12 comments on “Disability is a competition to some… why?

  1. I love your description of focusing upon a singular detail and learning everything there is to know about it. I have just decided to get my driver’s license (at age 46) and hope I can counteract my jumpy scatter-brainedness with exhaustive practice and preparation so I don’t get into an accident. Focus will be the key to my success! (OMG WTF am I doing?!) O_O

    • One thing that I have learned from years of failed attempts to get a license is that the biggest barrier where certain kinds of autistic adult are concerned is knowing WHEN, precisely, to panic. Panic is like… well, I cannot think of an analogy you would get. If you panic prematurely, like before you get hit or lose control, then it tends to precipitate the getting hit or losing control. If you follow what I mean.

      • I do know what you mean, I intend to do a lot of practice driving during low-traffic hours so I master the mechanics before having to add in the information overload that seems to be part of a normal day’s commute. I hope I can manage to process all the signals and react correctly.

        • There’s a lot of simple little “rules” that I am told professional drivers use and follow in order to make the process easier. One that I have memorised is that if you cannot see the tires of the car in front of you touching the road, you are too close to them. But that is all I can tell you at the moment.

          • I do appreciate that! I have been feeling like an elderly shut-in lately, and that is depressing.

            • I have been feeling like an elderly shut-in lately …

              Me, too. I also cannot drive.

              I’ve tried to learn a few times, doing what you described, and I do okay when there’s no, or very little, traffic and at low speeds. I really don’t think it will ever be safe to put me behind the wheel under typical driving conditions where I live, though.

              • The really annoying part of it from my point of view is that I know I can drive perfectly well when I am not scared out of my wits that someone in the car is going to scream into my ear and make me focus on THEM (hi, *mockingly* daddy!) instead of the fukking ROAD.

                But then, some people really do not get that when you teach a person to feel disabled and incapable, they will react to things as if they are disabled and incapable. Why this comes as a surprise to normies is something I can only guess at.

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