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    • I can personally tell you — Chris Stann lives a very comfortable life in a beautiful part of the country. He is very well endowed (where it counts). Whether or not he is truly financially “rich” is unclear

      WHAT is wrong with following your dreams? Everyone has hobbies and passions… why crucify the guy for continuing to pursue his love of music?

      Id say focus on what counts. Living the life you love

      • I fear a lot has been misunderstood about my article concerning this band. I am certain that Chris is a lovely guy and I would quite like him if I met him socially. Perhaps I did not phrase it well. His being rich, well-off, or even not-poor does not really concern me as much as I might have implied. And yes, everyone has hobbies and passions, but the honesty of people tends to vary.

        That is basically what I was getting at here. Of course, when you get a shot at some kind of fame and money, you have to be pretty secure in yourself to turn it down. From where I sit, however, I would feel the floor fall out from under me if I were told that presenting myself to the world as something I am most emphatically not was a condition of that. Because I would have to weigh everything I am against not only what I want to be, but also what I do not want to be.

        Chris Stann is not the only guilty party here. The imbecile in the record company that thought it was a good idea to have him pose as a bum as opposed to some fringe group member that was more getawayablewith has the biggest share of the blame. But please stop trying to make him out to be an innocent victim in the affair. It will not do.

  1. I personally know Chris Stann. He is not a millionairre but rather a washed up wanna be. He has a mediocre voice and will soon be 50 yet he continues to waste his days dreaming of a come back. This washed up, wanna be millionairre does live in Malibu – with his Mother – and not because he’s wealthy (he owes big taxes) – he’s just a master of deception

    • I know Chris Stann and lives in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. He is openley Gay and is dying of Cancer I am friends with his boyfriend and his partner, Patrick.
      Sure He had a bad Rock voice and tried to dance his way out of his bad talent, but He is a nice guy. I wish Him the best.
      Unfortunatly, He still smells too.

      I know

  2. Check out a podcast review of The Silent Majority by Life, Sex & Death on Dig Me Out at digmeoutpodcast.com, a weekly podcast dedicated to revisiting lost and forgotten rock of the 1990s.

    • Thanks for that Site ! I went to the Dig Me Out site at digmeoutpodcast,com and I am pleased to see that guitarist Alex Kane is posting comments there and is freely writing to people .

  3. I don’t think Chris Stann was homeless or gay or a millionaire, I think he’s probably a decent guy, I met him a few times as Chris at the Thirsty Whale. I kinda wish he would come back with another record to put this homeless stuff to sleep. He didn’t bathe when touring or hanging out …. Can anyone show Me when or where “He”actually said he was homeless ? Just because a guy has an old sloppy car and smells like a dead animal really doesn’t mean he’s living on the street. C’mon, I’ve hung out with Al Jorgensen from Ministry in Chicago and Al smelled worse.
    It’s been this long, I think we are simply left with good memories. He probably reads the negative shit that people write, then sits back and laughs 20 years later.

    • When I wrote this article, I really approached it from a critical point of view. I might write a follow-up soon, based around answering the question of whose idea it would be for a musical act to pose as being homeless. In today’s world, it is easy to believe a man with a few million to his name might do it out of spite, but the subject itself deserves a thorough exploration of all possibilities. I myself do not really care that much for LSD, but that aspect of their act warrants some thinking about. I kind of wish LSD had continued making music, but perhaps getting a little more of a satirical bite in future material. It is pretty much all academic at this point, though.

      • Listen to the album one more time with an (more)open mind. I’m shocked you found no merit to any other songs on the album. Sure the lyrics are simplistic but Stanley’s voice is awesome(as said), Bill Gar’s tone is sick and Alex Kane wrote some amazing rhythms/solos. The songs are unique with the only filler-ish tracks being “Big Black Bush” and “Wet Your Lips”. Those aren’t even that bad. I implore everyone to listen to this band! If I had not known the greatness that is LSD, this post might have turned me away from them!

        I like your blog by the way, I’ll definitely check out the rest of your entries. I’m always trying to find new music.

        • I apologise for having missed this earlier. Things outside of here have kept me very, very busy.

          Important to understand is that at the time I finally managed to track down a copy of The Silent Majority, I had been listening to artists like My DyING BRIDE or Therion for the best part of twenty years. So it takes an incredible amount to genuinely impress me. Even bands like Sigh do not do it a hundred percent of the time, and the less we say about the albums that My DyING BRIDE have released in the last ten years, the better. So when I say that We’re Here Now or Jawohl Asshole get regularly played to people I meet in real life or spun in conjunction with work from artists a little more low-brow in nature than the aforementioned, believe me, I think many would agree with me that I am being remarkably fair. Even perhaps mildly generous.

          I may do some new posts in future. We will have to see.

  4. I had met Stanley a few times back in the day. I knew a guy that was friends with his family, and I can’t ever remember hearing anything about them having money. I do remember seeing pictures of him (Stanley) with his previous band, back when he was all glammed-out. It’s hard to believe it was the same guy. Anyway, I remember running into him at Lollapalooza 92. He was actually being harassed by some drunken hecklers, and myself having had a few, and knowing Stanley from some previous meetings, decided to step in and help him out. Luckily, I didn’t get killed and Stanley was all too happy to buy me a few beers afterward. He was a genuinely nice guy. Weird for sure, because he never broke character, and smelled absolutely awful, but none the less, a nice guy. I wish him the best where ever he is..

    • It really is weird, because the band itself seems to represent a gap of sorts in the Internet’s memory. Trying to download their album even in a shitty format like MP3 as opposed to something a person who likes their ears would want is a bit of a challenge. But what I do remember very well is how they seemed to come at a time when the whole trend-marketing thing switched from glam to “apathetic pseudo-punk where nobody can really play their instruments” in terms of emphasis. Such shifts in trends used to occur all the time before the Internet, so it is hardly surprising. As you can probably see, just about everybody who has heard of him has their own input concerning where he is and what he may be up to. The overlords of the media were probably thinking he and the band had gone away for good for a long time.

  5. It seems to me that the Stanley character wasn’t just a gimmick to get famous, but more of an outlet for Chris to be more artistic and to maybe exorcise some demons that were haunting him at the time. I look at it more as performance art, in the Andy Kaufman vein. Alex Kane said in an interview that Chris’ dad told him he’d be nothing but a smelly, stinky bum. Then his dad died, left him a bunch of money, and it weirded him out a bit. I think, in a way, he was fulfilling his dad’s prophecy, but on his own terms by being a smelly, stinky, yet successful, bum. So “Stanley” was born and Chris became that character. What he did wasn’t exploitative of the homeless, or the the mentally ill, but he probably realized suddenly coming out one day and revealing he wasn’t really that way would have been exploitative. And maybe that’s why he has completely disappeared. As long as people believe Stanley was real, they can believe this mentally ill homeless man made an incredible hard rock/metal album once. I think Chris Stann is an artistic genius and he inhabited that character on a method-acting level like Robert De Niro. He suffered for his art.

    • Of all the explanations I have seen offered of the Stanley act, this is by some road the best and most credible.

      None of the members of LSD seemed like bad people to me. It just seemed as if they had not expected the record deal, the brief burst of spotlight, and all that.

      But they sure had an evil PR team if my impressions are anything to go by.

      I am pretty curious as to what kind of material they could come up with in this era. But given Chris’ reluctance to perform, I will not hold my breath.

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