2 comments on “Militant autistic manifesto: If we are in this together, why am I so afraid you are going to sell me out?

  1. You mention the potential benefits of having a world government. I have seen many internet objections to the idea of a central world government, usually mentioned in the same breath as paranoid rantings about “The Jews owning everything” or “The Illuminati running everything,” or “OMG the New World Order!!!!!” or “It’s just like they warned us about in the Bible!” so I tend to roll my eyes at them, but I do understand that some people see the establishment of a central world government as a step toward an elite ruling body enslaving the vast majority of the population. How would you answer these people?

    • Actually, the only context in which I mention a world government is to say that in the absence of one, the governments of nations basically become unchallengeable unless someone either invades, or there is revolution from within. That is just the way sovereignty works, not the what the situation is in an ideal world. This is the reason why when American spyplanes get downed near China, for instance, the American government’s options amount to asking them nicely for it back, invading, or having an economic boycott of China (which would ruin China’s economy but also cause a noticeable recession in America).

      I generally do not answer those people. I just shake my head, start walking away, often mumbling “to myself” that I have just met another person who has failed basic political science. 😀

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