4 comments on “Hypoglycaemia: drunk is more fun than this.

  1. Thanks for this. My boyfriend is diabetic and this is a far better description than he has ever given.

    And I take your point at the end too. (Not that I didn’t to start with!)

    • Well, bear in mind that I have had 2000 words, careful editing, and numerous hours of composition time to my advantage. In real-time conversation, I tend to start and stop with the whole “drunk’s more fun than this” part. 😉

      Oddly enough, the end of this post was also something I just came up with on the spot. It was not planned. This post actually had a difficult gestation considering that I started it a mere couple of hours before it was posted.

        • Maybe I will revisit this subject again in the future. Describing unpleasant experiences in sufficient verbosity to make a reader do something between understand and grok to them is a good test of a writer. That aside, I just thought I would say I am glad to be of service. Such a service is largely the goal of this journal. 😉 🙂

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