2 comments on “It is not mere semantics.

  1. Whilst I have not had contact of any kind with Lydia Brown for a while because of her problems with the idea that some people might consider political correctness a counter-productive waste of time, I will use her name in order to make it clear to the Brandenbergs: if you think I am alone in my hatred of person-first language, you are sorely mistaken.
    Not just you, me, and Lydia Brown either. Jim Sinclair was the first to say it (you might find this repost more Autistic vision-friendly).

    • Yeah I think I linked back to Mister Sinclair in one of my tirades about person-last language. But I can guarantee you that even when I was a little boy, if you told me that people might think it polite to refer to a person’s brain as if it were a separate thing to the person, I would have some choice things to say in response.

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