8 comments on “Person-firsters do it again (that is, prove what assholes they really are).

    • I have truly come to believe that there is no way we can make these people understand without organised violence and sabotage. Every time we try to speak up and tell people on the sidelines that curebies and person-firsters are not good people, we get people defending them as if we just besmirched someone. The time for being nice about it has not come, and if we continue down the road we are, it never will.

  1. In a very few words- That is why I’m set to put together my unit of 8 and hit Liberty square in NYC, Stomping our Autistic Grounds there, with three circles pinned to our chests; Green asking all autistic people to come to us, Red to tell all the a-holes to stay away, and Black for picture snappers to be aware it’s not tolerated, and the words – LET US BE on them (as per Autreat). Unit of 8 is a military formation known for resilience, and we’ll know how to protect ourselves. We’ll do it week after week reaching to all we can reach until it grows, and as it grows; I believe it will. Stomping board will publish where and when we stomp, and how to get in touch with us, and more; and will do it for the other groups. And we’ll see where it goes. This is the way we get Unified and organized for organized action.
    Time for words only is over, it is time to act.
    I’m asking you in Australia to join us in this movement. We can spread it like fire.
    Vorya Yarow
    At your service.

    • At the moment, I am not really ready to be part of anything. I am engaged in trying to get people to move their butts so that I can get out of my present existing situation. It has taken a heavy toll already, with exchanges of ultimatums between a parental unit who thinks their denial is full stop and myself. I mean, when you have to respond to someone that slapping a child around the head and screaming into their ear, regardless of the motivator that the child does not properly understand anyway, is abuse, that makes you very deflated in feeling terms. I do not really think I can be a part of anything at this point that does not involve investigation of the possibility of filing charges.

      And to be brutually honest, I have tried to organise and get things started before. I have written before that I feel excluded by the autistic community for not being warm and fluffy.

  2. Let me know if you’ve received my reply to this as of Oct 3,2012 05:33. If you didn’t then it was censored out. if you don’t acknowledge this one, I’ll assume your site is being censored out; as I don’t think u are one of them.
    At your service

    • I am just slow to respond. These last couple of months have been extremely bad ones for me, and it is only going to get worse as time goes on. The year-end breakdown has started early, and with a vengeance.

  3. As soon as you write “suffers from”, you give ignorant weak minds excuses to picture the child as the imaginary disruption that teachers who should not be teaching like to go on and on about.
    Absolutely. In fact, I don’t suffer from Autism, I suffer from the way some people treat me because I’m Autistic.

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