2 comments on “Iron Sky

  1. I just saw this movie and I also really liked it. Mostly, I just thought it was hilarious (between the inherently ridiculous Moon Nazis — I lost it when Renate asks her students “And where did we go?” and they all shout “TO THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON!!!” — and the political satire, which however broad and cartoonish it was, it still worked for me), but I also ended up really caring about James and Renate, which in a movie as … not focused on characters … as this one is, is quite an accomplishment. I thought it was really powerful at the end when he’s reversed the “albinization” process and is back to his normal coloring, and Renate sees it and is happy for him, when before they went back to the moon she couldn’t understand why he would not be grateful to have been made white.

    There were a couple things that I absolutely loved and thought were brilliant. One of those is the echoing of “Dr. Strangelove” when they bring James Washington out in the wheelchair and he’s trying to hold one of his hands down … that’s perfect, when you consider who Strangelove was (a Nazi, trying to hide it from his new American bosses) and the role Washington was finding himself in (an American, captured by Moon Nazis, trying to make them think they’d made him one of them). The other thing was the UN scenes, especially when North Korea tries to claim the armed moon base as its own and everyone laughs at them and tells them to sit down. The movie’s visual vocabulary was pretty great, too, with the giant metal dirigibles and the swastika-shaped bunker and the immense steampunk battleship and all its superfluous, inexplicable moving parts. And also the very end, where we get a moon’s-eye-view of apocalyptic nuclear war erupting on Earth.

    And I want to see more of that campaign-manager lady — the actress, I mean, in other roles. That role was about the flattest, most one-note thing in the movie, to my mind, but I still found her performance interesting and exciting. (Except for her inexplicable attraction to the Moon Nazi commander. That made no sense to me, even if it was obviously needed for her to morph into the avenging Fury she became at the end of the movie.) I’d like to see her play a similarly badass role with some actual depth to it … I think she would be absolutely riveting.

    • Many of the actors in Iron Sky, I would love to see in other things. Julia Dietze is probably top of the list, though. The things they asked her to do and say just defy comprehension. Effectively convincing your audience that your character cannot understand why James would not be grateful to have been made white, and yet at the same time making the same audience sympathetic enough to be on her side when she learns the truth, is quite a feat. I was not quite as impressed with that ending, thinking the moment when she starts to realise how much she has been lied to throughout her life was a bit more effective. But horses for courses, as they say.

      I think the shot from the space battle that impressed me the most was when, after all of the doodads on the outside of the super-ship (was it transformed out of parts of the base? I forget that much…) have been displayed for the camera, the American Captain standing on the battleship facing off against it simply says that whomever built it must have the tiniest dick in the universe. I had to pause the disc for a second to laugh at that one. I honestly have not watched Dr. Strangelove in a very long time. When I did watch it, I do not remember thinking all that much of it outside of Peter Sellers‘ and Slim Pickens‘ performances. But then, bear in mind that I have never been that much of a Stanley Kubrick fan, either, for much the same reason as I am not a fan of a lot of other directors that the collective voice of social media wants to tell me do shits that smell like flowers. But again, I found that the most effective shots in the film were the ones of people standing in front of the camera and either talking or doing something else to communicate to the audience. The way in which shots on that street the theatre was in were framed made me wonder if there is something they put in the water in America to make their directors suckier, because I seem to have to go to Europe more and more for my quota of good cinematography. 😀

      I think you are referring to Peta Sergeant. If I am not mistaken, she is also the Captain I spoke of earlier, the one who remarks that the designer of the Nazis’ main ship must have such a small weenie. She was pretty fine throughout the majority of the film, if a little uninteresting due to her mostly straight-arrow-ness, but during the battleship sequences, something just went awry with her in my view. It just got a bit boring at the end because it was as if the written character thought she was “‘ard” and wanted to prove it, but the actress was thinking “well shut up and let me prove it”. But roles like that are tough to do effectively, especially if any of the elements are not completely solid.

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