4 comments on “What “you” look like to me, in a civil rights model sense.

  1. “Miseducation” , “Affirmative Action”, “Hate Crime” – I need to add these to my Program of Action. FYI, I’ve sent out two short letters to our Autistic Tribe in making –
    7. On Behalf of Autistic Born – sent Dec 18 2012 to AC
    8. To my Autistic Tribe on the first day of The New World – sent Dec 22 2012 to AC

    Good to have you back.
    Vorya Yarow,
    At your service

    • Vorya,

      I have a bit of a funny question that might be best taken to a more private/closed medium such as email or IM, but the executive summary here is this. How would we go about turning our ambitions or ideas into a real, physically-registered company that makes product from which we can derive funding to further the cause in other areas? Sort of a non-profit like Diabetes America, but with a focus upon empowerment rather than research. I have some ideas floating in my head to design, produce, and sell shirts or related items with slogans, but this is all early-planning stuff right now. How am I to get started?

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