2 comments on “Violence keeps the world in line. Get over yourselves, passives.

  1. Normal is to ‘autism’ as psychopathy is to normal. The PCL-R test uses the behavior of Normies as a baseline; hence is ‘autism’ were used as the baseline, then most Normies would be well along the continuum toward frank psychopathy, I.e. score 20 or more out of 40.
    More importantly, thr personality traits of psychopathy are tolated and valued by many Norms – and the pour out their rage, spite and hatred upon those they regard as lesser beings.
    People like us are some of those they Name thusly, and in doing so, they show their TRUE nature as being instinct-driven ‘lesser psychopaths’.
    One cannot negotiate with psychopaths. Period. Doesn’t matter how ‘successful’ they are – either you crush them, or they will EAT you – and laugh as you die for their pleasure.

  2. Correct. Violence DOES keep the world in line.

    “Slavery and Social Death,” O. Patterson.

    “Hitler’s Willing Executioners,” D. Goldhagen.

    Put togeather, they say much the same as you have.

    ***To get a Normie’s attention: break both kneecaps. They can’t run off, then. Shoot or stab them afterward twice in the gut. (why twice? first, so it’s not a coincidence; secod, to show concretely that you are serious – in the only way Normalistic instinct CAN understand; finally, AS A MEANS OF ESTABLISHING DOMINANCE – to put your PREY in its place, which is under your boot)

    Then you will be listened to – if, and only if, you do whatever ifneeded to maintan and increase your level of dominance, power, and control. Backtalk – interrupting? Silence them forcibly. Smack them with a Cestus. “I will have obedience!”. Shout it loud, and act like you’re proud. Swagger! (I’m serious! Norms are OBSESSED with power, and this gets to them like NOTHING else!)

    Once you have crushed them – physically, and with your words – finish them off. Kill them. Two in the chest, and a finsher between the eyes. If you want a *trophy*, remove the head and put it on a pole.

    The above is intended to: 1) show just how far it is necessary to go when one is reckoned a lesser being; 2) to show the instinctual (and instinct-driven) ***barbarism*** / psychopathy of Normdom as a whole – in that when one is reckoned subhuman, one must ***excell*** one’s ‘betters’ in cruelty and evil so as to be heard. (yes, I’ve called ***all*** Normies out as psychopaths. Their actions give them away).

    If you actually *do* physical domination in the manner above, though – you had best be prepared to endure the consequences – which WILL be harsh. More, this will fuel a backlash – in that Normdom will use such an isolated instance to further its dreams of Neuroconvergence:

    “One People. One Empire. One (narcissistic) leader.”

    And the result, Endlösung – “the final solution to the disgraced / asocial / autistic question.”

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