One comment on “When things avoid intention, part one: Semantics, and shame

  1. Numb-seeming question: are even IN the “crackdown” phase? Or are we edging swiftly closer to a revival of medieval barbarism – one in which there are specific laws which make Neuroconvergence the sole permitted choice?

    It has always been that way among those possessing those instincts which define Normalism. They find it currently expedient to keep their innate psychopathy concealed – at least, as a rule. But, as the purpose of ceremonial magic(k) systems is to externalize and legitimize the ways of instinct in the powerful – and as society becomes more ‘magical (for thinking) as a whole – then I see the situation becoming a worse-still replaying of the Holocaust.

    Yes, there will be lynch mobs then. Death will become a given, then. One may die for a (somewhat) worthwhile cause, or die for the Normies’ pleasure upon their altars as a sacrifice to the Normies then-current God.

    Hard to remain ‘passive’ – at least then. But what about Now? It’s not exactly feasible to ‘do unto before one is done for’. Currently, that merely provides the howling witch-mob with a ready excuse!

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