2 comments on “A response to A Letter to Victoria’s Secret From a Father

  1. as phrased by the evil and corrupt fast food chain – “I’m lovin it!”

    haha, no really, great write up. I’ve worked with kids for many years and love when older people complain about kids. There are many comments such as, they have no respect, they are lazy, they are too unfocused. We all know them because we hear them all the time from people. What I always think in the back of my mind when they hear these things is that they are OUR children raised by US. If OUR children are lazy and disrespectful then that is a direct reflection of OUR parenting.

    • I am reminded of something that someone told me a while ago about computers and central processing units, that they are essentially nothing but big input-output machines. That what you get out of one is a strong reflection of what you put in.

      Following logically from that, if the Human brain is essentially one big input-output machine, it follows that how a Human being behaves is a direct reflection of how one either has been treated in the past or expects to be treated now. Usually those two conditions are pretty similar. Every day, I have to close my eyes and think to myself that “these people” do not know me and do not know particular family units, so I should expect different treatment out of them. It never seems to work, however. The ghost of being talked down at like no matter what I say or do, it is wrong, sticks to me like glue.

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