4 comments on “Some photos that I took (with no pervasive theme)

  1. Re first pic (and caption). Nothing wrong with researching a purchase mate!
    I do it almost obsessively. Even for *speaker wire* recently.
    It’s an enjoyable game for me. Find a suitable item, then find the best price…so many people are doing this online.
    How deep into this am I? Well, I joined OzBargain last year…

    • Truthfully, I used to get a real sense that salesmen dreaded the sight of me because of how much thought I put into purchases. This was especially the case at JB Hi-Fi, where I would often have to tell salespeople that there is a reason why I do not want packs that have DVD-Videos I no longer see any need to use. It is as if the whole world has forgotten that there is an ever-increasing resource shortage, where things like that are concerned. I am not really an avid shopper, but when I am in the market for something, I consider it only a reasonable thing to research what products are on offer and which will best suit my needs. Seems that a lot of people think different.

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