4 comments on “A sad day for the media. Roger Ebert has died.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this news. Roger Ebert has been part of my landscape for many years, and as you point out, he showed no signs of winding down. I figured he would live many more years and skewer many more bad films, giving me many more loud fits of laughter. It is a sad day. Thank you for writing this tribute. 😦

    • I am sorry to hear it, too. I will always remember where I was when I heard it. I was on the 711 bus between Wentworthville and Parramatta. I think I started to read it at one of the stops around Westmead Hospital. It is strange to reflect what we remember or do not remember.

      I am sort of the opposite. When I saw the photos of his face after the cancer operation, I sort of understood that he was not going to be here a lot longer. Cancers that aggressive have a tendency to come back, and what I read in some headlines is that a cancer did exactly that to him. I think he knew it was coming, too.

      Odin himself probably stood at the gates of the Wunderwerck, arms out, saying “welcome home”. I truly believe that.

  2. I lived in Chicago and attended many movies there. I have little doubt Ebert was describing actual people in the audience. It depends on the part of town you’re in and the genre, but a first run movie is easily subject to the catcalling he described in his review of “I Spit On Your Grave.”

    • I think that really cements the point that I took from Ebert’s review. That the film was basically a geek show for the kind of idiot that enjoys watching a woman being raped. The beauty of his writing was that he had numerous points that different people could take. The film itself, I watch for the scenes toward the end where the central lady is murdering her assailants. But I still have to wonder what Ebert would think of that. And yes, a lot of first-run films get catcalling. The catcalls can say a lot about the audience.

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