4 comments on “You are unbelievable.

  1. Yikes, if that were my kid I’d be embarrassed to think I’d allowed him to grow up so completely self-centered.

    I’d like to quote to him a great line spoken by the awesomely hard-nosed private investigator “Gay Perry” van Shrike in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: “I think you wouldn’t know where to FEED yourself if you didn’t flap your mouth so much. Yes, I think you’re stupid.”

    • I would like to think that, too. But I think Baby’s mother is cut from a similar cloth to Sharon Osbourne. That is, she does not give a shit how much embarrassment her spawn causes themselves so long as there is money to be made. Henry Rollins has a song called Icon that sums up the like of Baby the best. Among other things, he sings, “The joke’s on you. You got played like a deck of cards.”

      It seems to keep happening again and again no matter how many warnings come forth.

  2. He’s a product for the consumption of the tween market. As such, the marketable product needs to be a little older than the intended audience to facilitate long-held values.
    Such as protector, provider, older brother surrogate etc.

    He still needs to *look* like a kid to represent a superior version of adolescent male to tweeny girls (as opposed to the dross they have to put up with on a daily basis).

    It’s the same with greater society. At times, men who are manly are regarded in a more positive way.
    Having a crew cut (or totally bald) was fashionable in the years following 9/11, as thousands of suckers enlisted as cannon fodder.
    Right now, beards are prolific and trendy. Following the next “terrorist” attack, it will be less so.
    At the height of the W.O.T., I think it was Russell Gilbert who made a comment to the dark haired Footy Show panelist that he resembled a terrorist (for having a five-o-clock shadow!).

    Bieber provided a “safe”, very western, very Caucasian poster boy for millions. Ten years prior it was Zac Efron. Ten years before that it was Leonardo DiCaprio…totally cyclic trends that may or may not become substantive in years to come.

    But yeah, he’s a dick.

    • I am going to try and compose a response in a scholarly fashion because this subject is a dear one to me, and in some ways ties in to my every gripe not only about normies but the passives. I have watched a lot of trends come and go over the past few decades, of course, as has anyone of my age, but one has to think about the changes wrought by the Internet and “everything has to only be online” culture that is springing up, too.

      Of course, I have long ago come to accept that the kind of women I rolled with when I was seventeen to twenty-five years old were, in fact, a rare breed. It seems that for all of the independence, self-worth, and activism that women are taught to value, it only seems to start in university-age or older. Little girls are taught to idolise passive, compliant, obedient models of nothingness.

      This is where my whole irritation at babification begins. You see, when you get a subject young enough and teach them that a certain thing is normal, they can end up going through their whole lives believing it. That is why children’s shows like Sesame Street were so excellent. They taught that diversity is normal, that there were good ways to deal with unpleasant feelings, and that cooperation was more productive than selfishness. Nowadays, our children are being taught to just sit there and watch objects bounce about and make nonsense sounds. This track seems to continue for the little girls who will be tomorrow’s teenage girls and the next day’s young women. And if there is one thing that our corporate masters do not want among the proles, especially the prole women, it is learning to think for oneself. Hence, they are encouraged to think that males will resemble ten year old boys forever. By the time they learn the hard way that boys who look like boys at eighteen tend to be very weak and frail at sixty, it will be too late.

      And this incident of Justin Baby turning up to the Anne Frank memorial and so clearly not getting it is one of my favourite examples of when the adult and babified worlds collide. It truly disgusts me that anyone could get to be the age they claim he is and not be aware that having your existence declared illegal by the government that controls the land you are hiding in entails a lot of pain and fear. I do not usually get so ticked off with celebrities who say or do stupid things, but given that the last sixty years have proven to us that the Holocaust is not a unique event in history and there is always another group out there seeking to make it happen again, being this crass cannot simply be put down to marketing to a stunted audience. People like whomever controls Justin Baby would like things like the Holocaust to be forgotten.

      And that frightens me.

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