5 comments on “I lack a faith section in my brain? No shit?

  1. I also take offense. I am an Aspie and a Catholic. While it is true that we are not born with faith, we also have free will. God wants our faith to be genuine, which is why we have free will.
    I realize what I have said may offend you. This was not my intent. I was merely offering an opinion as a believer.

    • I am going to say this quickly and quietly because it took me a while to think of how I wish to respond.

      Obedience to “make this choice and only this choice or I will make you suffer terribly forever” is not faith. It is fear. Hence the popular expression, “Behold the faithless and his angel”. Bullies are never seeking faith, they seek fear.

  2. To have Faith or not to have faith in something that’s a personal choice let him share his ideas that is what the internet was designed to do.

    • Being unable to determine exactly what you are responding to from your words, it really does make it difficult to formulate a meaningful response. So let us go over a few things.

      First of all, what part of Fehmi Kaya’s statement that I and other autistic people have something missing from our brains is not offensive?

      Secondly, “faith” means a willingness to believe bullshit. I could tell you I have faith that there really is an army of small children gathered around me, all bearing surgical scars in their heads, all telling me that I let them die. If I tell a doctor that in a way that makes them believe that I believe they are really there instead of just an expression of the activity of the overdeveloped idea-to-picture section of my brain, they would start calling the police.

      Thirdly, as elaborated so well in https://theconversation.com/no-youre-not-entitled-to-your-opinion-9978 , there is a point at which the coward’s way out of “I am entitled to believe what I believe” has to be cut off. Robert De Nitwit is not entitled to believe what he believes because it has been disproven so many which ways that his espousing of it is now tantamount to practising medicine without a license. Not to mention that had one of my friends gone to Disneyland just a few months earlier or later (I forget which), she might have been one of the people killed by measles there.

      It really comes to something when believe are willing to believe bullshit to such an extent that a disease long thought to be a thing of the past kills people who were in contact with holidaying folk. That is the line at which it stops being a personal choice and starts being an imposition upon a disempowered group.

      I resent, utterly, being used as an excuse to bring measles back from a previously unheard of problem.

      It is, in fact, a prime example of why there needs to be an autism civil rights act that says unless you either are autistic or have the express and revocable-at-any-time permission of autistic people, you do not get to say shit about autism.

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