2 comments on “Person-firsters get the kick in the balls of a lifetime.

  1. One pattern I have noticed, is that it is always people WITHOUT disabilities who dictate using the person-first language. Which brings another point: able-bodied neurotypicals do not get to decide what is ableist any more than men get to decide what is misogynistic, or straight people get to decide what is homophobic. And that is the huge difference between disability rights activism and political correctness.

    • Indeed, that is one pattern I have noticed, myself. For so many years, people who have no connection at all to the disability rights movements suddenly decide what the people who will actually benefit must call themselves. The Donna individual I mention a couple of times in my text kept trying to justify it with the old line about “putting the person before the disability”. Apparently, my disagreement is little compared to that expressed by Lisa Egan.

      I spend much of my life thankful that I can walk or read under my own power, without any accommodations. Because I have already experienced temporary examples of what being unable to do these things is like. And every time that happens, I feel more respectful of those who deal with it day in and day out.

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