2 comments on “Yes, I am calling you a retard. Live with it.

  1. Ugh. I hate losing a comment due to error.

    Anyway, here goes again. I laid all of this out in the original document. If you cannot read it all to its conclusion and think about what is being said, you get what you deserve in terms of what people call you.

    I have not mentioned it here before, but an individual came into my house the day after I had a serious hypoglycaemic episode and began issuing threats. If you have problems with me describing him as survival-perception retarded, that is your problem, not mine. Because a few weeks ago, after another meeting with him that occurred in circumstances I still find irritating, I strangled him, put him in a headlock, and was about to throw him off a second-story balcony before another neighbour’s pleas convinced me not to. All because he was retarded enough to think he could come into a Dwarf’s house and threaten said Dwarf without that Dwarf making an oath to cut him into thousands of little pieces and sprinkle him all over the local area should certain inescapable circumstances arise again.

    Given that you are clearly quite outside-perceptually retarded enough to make assumptions about what a person you do not know from Adam loves or likes, you can fukk off from my journal and take your all-like-me-or-dead point of view with you. You might find another author with my background and experiences who finds your “my way only” and shoving of words into their mouth acceptable either online or in the real world, but I doubt it very much.

  2. Oh, and furthermore. Family members are not welcome commenting about things to do with the autistic. I would be all to happy to silence you and your kind due to all the harm your kind has done me, and has been documented in this journal.

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