4 comments on “Hate crimes against the autistic. Why they should be prosecuted.

    • No, I have not seen it yet. But I will do my utmost to get more people to sign it. Anyone who thinks they are not committing a hate crime when they threaten the wellbeing of an autistic minor also seems to think that they are not threatening me in some way. I want to take a picture of myself holding a gun to my mother’s head and getting her to sign this one.

  1. Ah, the magic(k)al nature of scapegoating! When all the “impediments” to the “volksgemeinschaft” are removed, the “völkisch” nature of society will magically take over, and the Normal Rasse shall take its place as small-g gods. That is why Sonderbehandlung (special treatment) is the lot of us “defectives”.
    Yes, I am – deliberately – using terms from Nazi Germany. The dynamic here is identical; and its motives, methods, and desired outcomes are identical as well. In both cases, the call of leadership was directed to the unconscious, the realm of instinct; and, as instinct in Normals is predatory in nature and magic(k)al by design, scapegoating is the sole response that can be expected.
    Finally, it is not possible to negotiate with the Power-focused. Negotiation is seen as weakness, if one is Normal. The sole approach which CAN work with them is that of warfare; they will not comprehend aught else.
    PS. thanks for turning me on to X-men. You were absolutely correct.

  2. Mass murder of special needs adults in group home included one autistic adult. Suspect possibly caretaker who shot them and then lit place on fire, then killed himself. Coward.

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