2 comments on “Oh, look. People are taking the side of a (wannabe) murderer again.

  1. Hi Dean. Thank you for sharing your rage. I’m a disability rights activist who’s been working on the issue of the public sympathizing with parents who kill disabled children since 1997. (check out the facebook page: Toujours Vivant-Not Dead Yet.) It’s not surprising the mother in this case tried to gas her kid; Robert Latimer did the same to his 13-year-old daughter with Cerebral Palsy in 1993. And though he got jail time for it (a rare exception), he also got a huge amount of public support and sympathy.

    Fuck that shit.

    Be well

    • Whilst I was stuck in Queensland, I met with a lot of people who were concerned with disability rights. It is truly distressing, the total ad hoc nature of disability care in this country. What is even worse is that the system of disability care is totally catch-all and expects the individual to fit a very narrow, often exclusionistic profile. Not surprisingly, Australia has the highest rate of poverty amongst its disabled populace in the OECD. It is one thing to be behind Japan, Sweden, or Norway on that. But to be behind Mexico?

      The problem with one size fits all approaches, too, is that the situation of the autistic is unique, and therefore requires unique consideration. But everybody who knows less than nothing about the situation not only wants their view of the matter to be taken as fact, they want it to be taken as fact regardless of the consequence to others. They truly want us, the autistic, to think of being autistic as a form of being crippled. Which is really what disturbs me about this particular case. I have never heard of an autistic fourteen year old who is not desperately trying to tell at least one parental unit, “hey, you had your fun, now it is my turn to define myself to me”. And I do know of at least one autistic fourteen year old who was murdered by his parental units, and the authorities did not even bother investigating (his male parental unit being a “famous” actor and all). This is why I genuinely want to see this woman lynched if she does not get prison time. And even if she does, I still want her lynched.

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