3 comments on “This is how you do NOT talk to a Powell type

  1. You just described me when angry to a T.

    Just last night (and a bit of today) I tried to explain to a NT mom of an Autistic kid how her opinions about Kelli Stapleton just don’t fucking fly. She was wondering why Autistics don’t get her or include her and I thought maybe I could bridge that divide. I cried trying, I was so upset. And guess what, she DELETED MY COMMENTS! Wtf?

    So I give up! She insists on blaming the whole problem on “lack of services,” whatever that means. How many services do people need? Last I checked, kids need food, clothes and love. If you need so many services to have other people raise your child for you, or because you get “overwhelmed” maybe you shouldn’t have had kids in the first place!

    Sorry for my rant, but I think you’re probably one of the few who understand.

    • I am pretty sure I am described many autistic adults when roused to anger. Which is both sad and interesting.

      Yeah, that is the problem with normies in a nutshell. They ask questions, but they act like spoiled children when the people they have asked do not give them the answer that they want. How on Earth is it possible that they can seriously expect any autistic adult to say sure, it is perfectly understandable for a parent to want to murder a child who has neurological similarity to us? It is very eerily similar to the whole “do you wanna have brown babies?” question that has been asked at prior times in the last hundred years.

      And I want to know where the services are to help autistic children escape such households. Autistic eighteen year olds would go ape for a service that allows them to just up and move to somewhere suitable the very second they reach that age. Another reason I am so angry about the refusal to acknowledge that adults can indeed be autistic. Yet if I tell people that there should be mandatory sterilisation in a lot of circumstances, I am the bad guy.

      In the world where I have my little organisation set up and running its businesses, Issi Stapleton would be living in one of our houses and being cared for. Trained, if she desires, to challenge normie-friendly laws and the like.

      This world sucks in the worst possible way.

    • One Quarter Mama said: If you need so many services to have other people raise your child for you, or because you get “overwhelmed” maybe you shouldn’t have had kids in the first place!

      Agreed 100%. If people are that overwhelmed by theirr kids, then they should give them up to those who are willing to do what they won’t instead of murdering them.

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