7 comments on “I just said something so awesome that the entire autistic civil rights movement should use it.

  1. Most ‘Autism’ organizations (of the Autism Speaks mold, anyway) view autists as Objectified Tools – namely, we are THINGS that exist solely that they may exploit us to achieve Their goals of ‘widespread social dominance’ resulting in ‘worship as small-g Gods’.
    These last are better known as ‘Celebrities’, and worship is what people are doing when they obsess over such ‘morally-superior beings’ with the goal of usurping their possition(s) of POWER.

  2. Look up the game “Freedom Fighters” by Electronic Arts. That’s the most accurate representation of A$.

  3. I have to say that while for most Autistic people Autism isn’t a disability, it absolutely is for a few, especially if their parents are curebies. Apart from that one point, I agree with this post.

    • I have a distinction I like to use. “Real disability” or even “genuine disability” versus “reversion disability”. A reversion disability is a disability where, if the ratio between the disabled and the not-disabled were reversed, the not-disabled would suddenly be considered disabled. Autism is the very definition of that. For examples of “real disability”, I can name two that I just took medicines for. Diabetes and thrombiosis. Both of them automatic 4Fs at any army recruiting facility.

      • Depression and Stress sensitivity are pretty rough, especially if you need pills for 5 years or more. A$ doesn’t help one bit, as I heavily ponder whether a lot of things are my fault or not (usually nothing to do with me).

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