3 comments on “A long walk down a very short road.

  1. Never negotiate with psychopaths – regardless of their actual PCL-R score. That portion is purely a quantitative matter, unlike the predatory, manipulative and deceptive instincts common to all those of Normal mind.

    The true standard of ‘Normal’ is scoring a perfect 40 on the Psychopathy Check-List, Revised.

    Most Norms manage about 5.

    Autists don’t count – they aren’t Normal, due to the lack of the correct instinct-driven functioning, with its central image found at the core of that same instinct.

    This is the precise reason why all autists – regardless of seeming ‘severity’, regardless of how self-destructively we have been trained, regardless of how much we have been punished – cannot, and will not, belong.

    Either we resign ourselves to our eventual destruction – or we fight the magical murderers of our kind with all we have.

    You name those who retreat as passives. That term is inadequate.

    Treason is never passive. Acceptance of evil is tacit approval of that same evil – much as if one admires (fictional) witches, but lacks the stone to make one’s bones ( by, at least in fiction) murdering ‘lesser beings’.

    I wonder: will the Wrights – and their many-membered ‘Coven’ of supplicants – ever get up the nerve to actually undertake ‘the final solution to the disgraced question’? I hope they actually do.

    There WILL be an accounting then – and this ‘monster’ will get truly filthy then.

    Wish I had enough $ to send you some.


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