One comment on “How do you think it makes me feel?

  1. Something I wrote which you may find useful:

    Things I Do Not Do.

    I do not suffer from Autism; my suffering is caused by a lack of acceptance and the malice of others.

    I do not experience Autism; it’s not Alton Towers or anything.

    I do not live with Autism; it is my neurology, not my longterm partner.

    I do not have Autism; it is not a removable component with its own specially shaped slot.

    Now do you get why the vast majority of Autistic people prefer identity-first language?

    Copyright © 2014 Romersa’s Protégé. Individuals and groups are free to copy and share this work for all purposes except large scale distribution, subject to credit being given and any derivatives being released under the same or a similar licence. All other rights reserved.

    And I agree with your assertion that person-first language puts the person last, especially with the way we commonly use language. In fact, I independently arrived at the same conclusion a couple of months ago.

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