2 comments on “Open letter to parental units.

  1. Burrshit, the A$ Special Operations are a bunch of wannabe acrobats who can apparently shoot well.
    However, they have the ability to either slash you up, get you with a garrote, or beat you all to hell.
    And the worst part: they’re among the most fanatical Curebies.
    They want to make sure they get that death blow in good…

  2. Regarding “the final solution”:

    Before the Jews began ‘hitting the grate’ in real numbers, Hitler et. al *practiced* upon those labeled as being ‘life unworthy of life’ and ‘useless feeders’. There were six major *Euthanasia* centers – Grafeneck, Sonenstein, Hartheim, Hadamar, and two others whose names I don’t recall.

    Those who were killed there included people like us. Aktion T-4, 14f13, and later ‘wild euthanasia’ continued until (those killing) were forcibly stopped by allied soldiers – at gunpoint.

    The war stopped for the Jews when the surrender documents were signed. It took gun barrels to stop it for those like us – hot guns, and itchy trigger fingers.

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