One comment on “Musing about child abuse culture.

  1. One portion (of a possible answer):

    Folk psychology – stated by many, U. Frith among them, as being mostly innate – has among its many concepts the following:

    “lesser beings have chosen to lose in ‘the eternal struggle’ named *life* (where the sole constant is the war of all against all). They therefore exist to be abused/ dominated / exterminated – and it is the well-earned privilege of the powerful to do these thing to them.”

    Note that this and the other ***rubbish*** found in ‘folk psychology’ (which has as a subset *theory-of-mind*) does not need teaching to Normies.

    It is instinct *for them* – as is all Normal thinking and behavior. If you’ve seen a toddler ‘running amok’, then you’ve seen – and possibly endured – the most common form of Normalism.

    The chief trouble is that ‘anti-instinct training’ is deprecated among Normies. (It is the most common *intervention* for autists, as you most likely are well aware of.)

    Hence, most social learning in Normdom amounts to learning that one has an instinctua

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