One comment on “How to “read” X-Men (like a mutant).

  1. Regarding that last quote: the nature of domination is bound up in narcissism, that way of thinking that says “I am better than you. Give me the obeisance I crave, as is my (usurped) right, and your express duty.”

    Oppression is better named ‘domination’, for that word describes the action. It names the oppressed as slaves. I have lived as a slave; I have had two people compare my upbringing to a concentration camp. (The first one was from Ukraine, where they had both Nazi camps and the Gulag…)

    Slavemasters tend to ignore the cries of their slaves, and often do not even practice ‘enlightened self-interest’. They derive far too much pleasure from abuse to listen to any words that come from the mouth of their property.

    Hence, no more words. Eric understood this. I do not blame him – were I as capable, I’d do similarly. As it is, I see MOST Normie’s as (watered down) Narcissistic Psychopaths – and they will not hear talk from the likes of me.

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