4 comments on “Why I refer to _myself_ as autistic, part thirty million.

  1. And when I say that people who tell me that they should be allowed to call themselves, and thus me, “people with autism”, I have no trouble picturing them raping children, understand my meaning.
    I have no problem with people deciding to call themselves ‘people with Autism’ myself, but if they decide I should be called the same thing, then I call them Autistic people, disregarding their choice of self-identification just as they disregard mine. Simples!

    • One of the problems is that by doing this in front of a crowd of people who are not aware that we do not want to be “cured”, those sheep get the impression that this is acceptable and that the people who have a problem with it are wrong. I certainly hope that one day, people can be made aware that it can be incredibly frightening to have one of your most vital characteristics referred to in front of you as if it is a separate thing to you. It ruins friendships, relationships of all kinds…

  2. Why then do deaf people reject person-first language? (Yes, this is a serious question that deserves an answer based on the perspective I have just outlined.)
    Because, just like Autistic people, Deaf people feel that their condition is absolutely integral to them and cannot be separated from their persons without changing who they are. This is especially true for people who are born deaf, and is sometimes true for those who gradually become deaf.

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