2 comments on “Ativan And Whiskey, proper.

  1. Anthony is frequently compared to the late GG Allin. That is unfair to Anthony. GG Allin would shit in his hand and scream at it. If Anthony shits in his hand at a live show, what he screams at it is explicitly designed to promote your understanding of why he just shat in his hand and is now screaming at it.

    Why are you not a paid music critic, LOL. This is hilarious and illustrative.

    • Sadly, the nu-media is pretty insistent that nobody, unless they are right at the top, should get paid anything for their work. And writers get the worst of that. Having said that, I have begun to try and focus my writing into something that pays, but it is always a long, uphill thing. I am not sure if it was me who said this first, either. Might have been, but I do not know for certain.

      Listening to this song on my iPood recently has made me realise it is (very slowly) growing on me.

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