9 comments on “Jerry Seinfeld is a narcissistic poseur.

  1. Sir, I know not if this is for attention seeking, but if not, I am sorry….sorry for all you have suffered at the cruel hands of neurotypicals and sorry for the twisted, sad person it has created.

  2. If I could, I would drone strike Seinfeld straight to hell…but A$ for Marxist Psychopaths has shit a lot worse than Seinfeld up their sleeves (TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!). I’m glad you are in support of slaughtering curebies, they need to be executed on the spot. Just make sure to cover your mule…

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    • Seinfeld caved because the asshole parental units who want autism to be all about toddlers pressured him. Which brings me to a point about both him and the author of such fine works as Mozart And The Whale. I would not want to be represented by them, anyway.

      I think the people of Palestine would have things to say about racism and Jews, but Seinfeld could be an Afghan woman and not lose any asshole quotient.

  4. There is so much anger here, although I have to agree that both Jerry Seinfeld the person, and the silly show named after him, are about as bad as they get. I still see it aired on television, and I have actually attempted to watch it, but it is just SO unbelievably annoying, on so many levels, that I just can’t.

    Oh well, at least it isn’t as bad as that other dreadful show by Chuck Lorre that tries to portray people with Asperger’s Syndrome as irritating, whiny, asexual automatons (‘The Big Bang Theory’, or as I prefer to call it, ‘The Big Wank Theory’).

    • I may have already pointed it out, but it is worth reiterating. Jerry Seinfeld went and performed benefit shows for Autism Speaks For Normie Assholes. His contemptuous responses to the person with the camera asking him if he is aware of what autistic people think of ASFNA, I truly wish I could have teleported into his house and made him watch that video over and over. So this publicity stunt was nothing more than him racking up more owings of apologies to autistic people. And the show is such unbridled narcissism that I cannot begin to get my head around the contempt of autistic people it would take for anyone to think Jerry Seinfeld really is one of us.

      I recently wrote to Every Australian Counts (EAC), complaining about their post mentioning a panel with Mayim Bialik or whatever her name is telling people how autistic the people on the show are. I will post what I wrote to them one day. Again, you have to be truly contemptuous of autistic people to think that series is to autistic people anything other than Blackface.

      • Yes, “nerd blackface” I think they call it, which is a good way to describe that despicable rubbish. It’s basically, “Oh, look at that Sheldon character, isn’t he funny because he is awkward, doesn’t understand social cues, and we like to laugh at people who are different from us, now don’t we?”

        Ugh! I wish that crap would be axed, right now!

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