5 comments on “Bill Cosby

  1. When fifteen women come forth and describe a remarkably similar methodology that seems to hold consistent over multiple decades, the word “alleged” loses a lot of its meaning.
    It then loses all of its meaning when the ‘alleged’ rapist pretty much says, “I’m not going to answer my accusers because I’m too famous to have done anything wrong ever!” Just sayin’.

    • You would be amazed at how people defend Cosby. Not long ago, a black civil rights activist had someone post on his page implying these accusations only resulted from Cosby trying to start a new on-air network for black people. The fact that some of these people were going to the police about him more than thirty years ago makes that a total “huh?”. And I am sure I need not explain how the words “house nigger” apply to Bill.

      Nor is this the first time a high-profile defendant has defended himself in a manner that would be considered counter-productive. When I commented elsewhere to the effect about how this much corroboration makes “alleged” a bit of a formality, one moron even tried calling me “slander supporter”. Okay. Let us see Cosby sue his accusers for slander, then. Of course, we all know the reason he has not done that, but it just goes to show how delusional people can be when trying to convince themselves of the nobility of celebrities.

  2. I think you need to do more research on Bill Cosby, not the Huxtable character. He’s actually a really nice guy who has done much for the black community. The accusers, on the other hand, have a history of slander and lies. For example, Janice Dickinson once had a kid with Sylvester Stallone but later dumped after finding out it wasn’t his. Her response: Yeah, Stallone injected me with steroids. Good comeback kid. Chloe Goins – convicted of prostitution. Shall I go on?

    The latest accuser said she got an acting lesson from Cosby that involved her pretending she was a queen with oatmeal dripping from her face. Do you honestly believe these things???

    Who really cares how many people come forward – it’s just a number. Find out what these women want. Because I’m looking at Gloria Allred’s $100 million settlement and all I see in the accuser’s eyes are $$$. Go for the settlement because they don’t have the evidence, proof, or court date they can work with.

    • It is funny you should say that, because through the magic of Facelessbook, I have been in contact with actual black activists, including a survivor from the real Black Panther party. If you think I think any differently to them about Cosby, you are in for a rude shock. The only people who think Cosby has helped black Americans in any way are exceedingly ignorant and have no idea what they are talking about. Respectability politics is not helping. It is encouraging the victim to hold themselves responsible for displeasing their abuser. Which, I think you would learn if you did any research about me you would learn, is not on.

      I am not even going to bother with the rest of your spurious statements. They all amount to one thing: gaslighting. Both of my parental units are gaslighters. If I had my way, gaslighting would be a capital crime. Good day.

    • The accusers, on the other hand, have a history of slander and lies. […] Chloe Goins – convicted of prostitution.
      A previous conviction for prostitution is a history of slander and lies? o_0

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