6 comments on “No, I do not love you anymore.

  1. Bleach/Chlorine won’t do JACK to a person except kill them. I don’t understand what the Bluebietariat are yapping about, the soupbrains defy all logical logic. If you can’t handle the psychopathic rants about wanting your children to live a normal life, then try something called LEAVING THEM BE. Libertarian theory states that people prosper better when left alone by authority figures to a certain degree (Example: the American people’s desire for limited, constitutional governance). I’m doing my best to give people things to really think about…

  2. I agree with you entirely, and am sick of hearing people wahhing about their lot, having an autistic child. What about the child? Um, excuse me the kid can HEAR you, non-verbal or no.
    Personally,I like Mathew Sweet’s “Dark Secret”, myself. It’s like he read my mind.

  3. Yep, I can relate to this one, too. My (probably-Autistic herself, learnt-to-hide-it, i.e. closeted, and HUGELY taboo about mental illness in general) own MOTHER is the narcsisstic abuser in the family, but naturally, I get the blame as I have the label. Would’ve been less hassle to literally whore my asshole out for money, save it up to get the diagnosis, and hide it from my idiot family. They have multiple books on the subject. They talk down to me like I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, which by DEFAULT I’m likely to, simply by virtue of being FORCED to get it right, or repeat the same mistakes and suffer. They live 300 miles away, they don’t. Simple as that, yet even on such simple points of logic, they fail. Too busy being worn-out by female bullying. In fact, fuck it, let them have what they want, ostensibly – I don’t want these weak bitches associated with Autism – they’ll make the side look bad. Shame they need allies as much as we do and divide-and-conquer is a predictable and thus avoidable maneuver that is WORKING against us all right now.
    Some stupid people can never see the wood for the trees, can they? Why indulge them in that merely because they are female? Even those of us with that strong woods-vs-trees Autistic tendency who are male, learn to compensate for it and rationalise a bit. It’s called adaptation strategy. Now in a world that protected women from even HAVING TO correct their own bullshit, wouldn’t the above be a symptom, if men with the exact same traits acted quite more civilised and more rationally than the women? Call me ‘sexist’ (and no, my cock isn’t small, mate – it’s porn-star size, lower-end thereof, which will do me fine… and women have shaken hard under my touch, but are fucking FULL of paranoia and DEALING WITH THAT SAPS A MAN’S ENERGY WHEN ‘EQUALITY’ WOULD HAVE A WOMAN BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR HER OWN FUCKING MIND AND EMOTIONS NOT RIDING FOR FREE OFF A MAN.
    A real man shouldn’t feel any effort in dealing with a ‘real woman’ or a ‘strong woman’ because such people aren’t a fucking leech on a man, that’s the goddamn definition of ‘strong’ and ‘real’. Which is of course, LIED-about a lot in Western society. Gaslighting and projection, yet again. It’s fucking rampant in society. We lie about it because we’d see it everywhere and feel sickened, otherwise… but maybe that’s a growing pain we need to man the fuck up and face? Including those little girls posing as women who won’t look themselves in the mirror, yet gaslight good men that they are ‘wrong’ when they’re above-average in being on-point, aware, and ahead of the pack.
    There is no ‘right’ behaviour for a man, except ‘serving women’s greed’ in these spoilt, narcissistic little girls’ minds, see? I do hope that I’m exaggerating, but I live somewhere densely-populated, where I get a very high sample rate indeed to base my statistics upon.

  4. Hahaha ‘shaken hard under my touch’, meaning orgasms, not fear, hahahahaha I just proof-read that and realised it was baaadly-formatted indeed. Apologies. But if people out there could simply sit down for half an hour and visualise the harm that their bullshit collectively and individually does (but especially the karmic-type visualisation) – then they might realise why some of us are beyond frustrated with the ignorance and tiny pathetic mentalities going on here.

  5. Or, to look at it another way: IF the standard response to a man criticising female bullshit is to say: “He’s just got a small cock” – or “he needs to get laid” or similar… it does HEAVILY suggest that men get paid in pussy for taking shit from women, doesn’t it? The elephant in the room. Some of us are too tired to take the shit in any regard and since women are getting orgasms from us (and non-trivially, too) then that makes the equation one-sided again and so the woman is liable to rebalance it… can’t have your cake and eat it.

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