2 comments on “No, I do not love you anymore.

  1. Bleach/Chlorine won’t do JACK to a person except kill them. I don’t understand what the Bluebietariat are yapping about, the soupbrains defy all logical logic. If you can’t handle the psychopathic rants about wanting your children to live a normal life, then try something called LEAVING THEM BE. Libertarian theory states that people prosper better when left alone by authority figures to a certain degree (Example: the American people’s desire for limited, constitutional governance). I’m doing my best to give people things to really think about…

  2. I agree with you entirely, and am sick of hearing people wahhing about their lot, having an autistic child. What about the child? Um, excuse me the kid can HEAR you, non-verbal or no.
    Personally,I like Mathew Sweet’s “Dark Secret”, myself. It’s like he read my mind.

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